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Introducing our promise to you & your pets.

j7 avoiding poop

No. More. Pooptastrophies.

Accidents don’t mean disaster with our new Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum. It uses PrecisionVision Navigation to recognize and avoid your pet’s waste for catastrophe-free cleaning.

What is P.O.O.P?

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Pet messes happen

The new Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum actually identifies and avoids cleaning the messes that your furry friend may accidentally leave behind. So you don’t have to worry about any potential pooptastrophies any longer.

j7+ with a dog walking inside

Only from iRobot

And because we are so confident in this technology, we bring you P.O.O.P., Pet Owner Official Promise*. With this promise, if your Roomba® j7+ robot encounters pet waste that it doesn’t avoid, we will replace your robot at no cost to you.

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* Offer valid for 1 year from purchase and covers replacement product only. Valid only for solid cat or dog waste. Additional terms and conditions apply – see for full details.